Mitsou X BonLook

The entrepreneur, media personality and influencer created a flattering collection for everyday life.

Mitsou X BonLook
Mitsou X Bonlook

Oversized styles, extra personality

The name “Mitsou” is a household one in Quebec. She’s a multi-talented media sensation, and a sensational woman at that. In the same way that she lights up any room she enters, her frames have a unique kind of eye-catching draw. Mitsou designed glasses that are bold and oversized, just right for the modern, savvy woman. We loved working with Mitsou because her vision and sense of style is appealing to women of all ages, something obvious in her flattering collaboration collection.

Luna - Olive


For women who want to convey a sense of warmth and radiance, these glasses dare to go there.

04Q & A with Mitsou

If there’s one thing about Mitsou, it’s that she’s all about feeling fabulous, and wants the women around her to feel the same.

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