Liz Plank X BonLook

The journalist, author, and women's rights activist made sure her collection allows the wearer to be exactly who they want to be.

Liz Plank X BonLook
Liz Plank x BonLook

Eyewear that inspires

Canadian activist, journalist, and TV personality Liz Plank is a women’s right advocate, and a powerful voice fighting for equality and justice everywhere. She’s an inspiring woman — partnering with her was a natural fit, given that BonLook was co-founded by a woman and the company’s executive team is made up of outstanding women, too. Liz’s designs are a little bit vintage-inspired, designed to make those who wear them feel confident and every bit as unstoppable as she is.

Cool, confident, and utterly unstoppable — these are some of the ways Liz Plank’s oversized frames will have you feeling.

03Liz shares all

Liz Plank’s favourite trends include styles that make her feel comfortable and at-ease, and her Femme Libre glasses are an extension of that.

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