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Discover: Montreal Cafés
Discover four of @Kara_bino's favorite Montreal’s cafés. These cafés serve up delicious, hot beverages in wonderful atmospheres for those sweater weather days.


This perfect little Italian coffee shop can be found in the heart of the Villeray borough and is a gem filled with sunlight at all hours of the day. It’s a cozy environment perfect for settling down to work at in the morning. Here, time passes languidly while the last rays of sun turn to shadows on the terrazzo counters. With a coffee and can’t-put-down book, you might wind up spending precious, guilt-free hours here. That’s because this coffee shop feels like home—and an escape from reality.

Café Larue et Fils Jarry

This spot is vibrant at all hours of the day, between the comings and goings of the regulars of the neighborhood and those who cross the island to get here. It’s a coffee shop that’s quick to melt hearts. Just witness Guillaume, the café’s owner, greet his customers and you know you’re in a place that means something to all who enter. It’s rare to not find this spot jostling with life. A long counter overlooking the bay window lets guests spend hours sipping coffee and people-watching, a guilty pleasure some may even spend hours enjoying.

Pastel Rita

Located on edges of the Mile End neighbourhood, it’s hard to pass in front of this café without giving into the temptation of it. Perhaps you’re seeking a burst of energy. Here, it’ll come to you either in the form of the sumptuous coffee or the bright colours in the café itself. Pastel Rita is no ordinary coffee shop—it’s like stepping onto the set of a Wes Anderson film, complete with millennial pink walls and banquettes. It’s like taking a trip to another time. You’ll soon discover that this café cheers up the entire neighborhood and is sure to become a staple of your #mtlcoffeecrawl.


Larry’s is a tiny, tucked-away café in Mile End, and is absolutely another treasure that must be experienced. Our recommendation for your next visit? Their mini pikelets paired with a latte—and good company, of course. Just one taste and your Sunday routine will never be the same. Instead you’ll be daydreaming of this must-visit spot, buzzing with life and not all that far from what a hidden street corner in Brooklyn feels like.

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